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Meet the Ilha do Mel

  With paradisiacal beaches, Ilha do Mel is a Historical and Ecological Heritage of humanity. A beautiful area of environmental preservation in the middle of the ocean, in which only by aquatic or aerial means. It is not allowed to enter cars or motorcycles


  Situada na parte sul da Ilha, é o patrimônio natural mais importante da Ilha do Mel. O morro da Gruta é formado por um tipo de rocha chamado migmatito é dividido por um veio de rocha negra, o diabásio, menos resistente que o migmatito. Para facilitar o acesso, foi construída uma passarela que leva até sua entrada.

The beaches

  With 35km of beaches and rocky shores. The Ilha do Mel Ecological Station is considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO. One of the last areas of preserved Atlantic Forest. In addition to sun and beach tourism the island is suitable for practicing ecotourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism and birdwatching.

The Gruta de Encantadas

   Located in the southern part of the Island, it is the most important natural patrimony of Ilha do Mel. The Gruta das Encantadas Hill is formed by a type of rock called migmatito is divided by a vein of black rock, the diabase, less resistant than the migmatite. To facilitate access, a footbridge was built leading to its entrance

The Lighthouse of Shells

  The Lighthouse of the Shells was built by order of D. Pedro II, fulfilling an important role in the Brazilian navigation, is a construction made with materials imported from Scotland, dated 1872, its objective is to guide the navigators that enter the bay of Paranaguá.

The Fortress

  The Fortress Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres or Fortaleza de Barra was built in 1767, by order of the king of Portugal, D. José I. That aimed to protect not only the place, but the country, since in Paranaguá is one of the main ports of the Brazil. In 1850, in this fort, the "Cormorant Combat" marked the history of Paranaguá. The English steam of war imprisoned three national ships in consequence of the slave trade, originating the mentioned battle.

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