Welcome to a true Oasis on Ilha do Mel.

  Since 1990 A Ilha Verde is synonymous of rest in the middle of Nature. Inserted in the middle of the green of Ilha do Mel is considered an Oasis. Quiet place, cozy, with the comfort you deserve and the care of a specialized team. We were facing the sea a few meters from the landing. Inserted in an environmental reserve, where we support and experience local and economic sustainability in all its nuances, from energy, fauna, flora and water.


  Here the guest can experience the sweetest island in the world in a well differentiated way, place with a unique tradition in the island, our space is rich in green and culture. We have a unique preservation space.

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   On arrival we can provide maps of Ilha do Mel, and give all the tips on tours, best beaches, great dining options, as well as explaining more about the place and way to better enjoy this paradise.


  We were facing the sea, on the Main Beach of Encantadas, to the right side of the landing.

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Tel: 041- 99258 - 4976

Tel: 041- 3426 - 9036 

Prainha das Encantadas.

Ilha do Mel - PR - Brasil.

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Jardim de frente para o mar.