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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the location of the Pousada?


     We stayed on the main beach of Encantadas facing the sea.




2) How to get to the Pousada?


    Upon arriving in Pontal do Sul, you should take the boat to Encantadas.


    We stayed on the main beach of Encantadas facing the sea,


    to the right side of the landing.




3) What is the best way to get to Ilha do Mel?


    We indicate the route to Pontal do Sul, for there the route is more tranquil and there are more options of schedules for the boats. Coming by Pontal are only a few minutes by boat to Ilha do Mel, and by Paranaguá it is almost 2 hours by boat.




4) What is the schedule of the boats to Ilha do Mel coming from Pontal do Sul?


    Low Season during the week:


    08:00 to 17:00 every hour.




    Low Season weekend:


    8:00 AM until 5:00 PM every half hour.




   High Season and Holidays:


   8:00 to 18:00 every half hour.




   And with extra boats after these hours according to the movement.




   Company responsible for transportation (Abaline)


   Phone: (41) 3455-2616




5) How to get to Pontal do Sul by car?


    Departing from Curitiba, take the BR 277 direction, take exit 07 and enter PR 407 (Pontal do Paraná)


    then take PR 421 in the clover of Praia de Leste to the sugar mill of Pontal do Sul.




6) What is the check-in and check-out time?


    The rates start at 2pm on the day of arrival and close at 12 noon on the day of departure.




7) Can I arrive before the check-in time or leave after the check-out time?


    Yes, we have all necessary base support with bathroom and storage place for luggage.


    But if you want to get into the suite before or stay with it after hours there is the possibility of a half a day or day use.




8) Where to leave my car?


   For parking we indicate the (PORTAL DO MEL) that is next to the Terminal of Boarding


   and it's pretty safe. Parking lot of Lucia (41) 9174-1479.




9) Which bus company goes to boarding to Ilha do Mel?


    It's the Gracious Voyage.


    You should buy the ticket up.


    By the internet in the site:




10) What is the value of the boat to Ilha do Mel?


      Coming by Pontal the value is $ 35.00 per person round trip.




11) What is the value of parking?


       Depends on the type of parking space, we indicate the (PORTAL DO MEL)


        which is next to the Arrival Terminal and is quite safe.


        Parking lot of Lucia (41) 9174-1479.




12) What is the voltage at Ilha do Mel?


      110 volts.




13) Are there banks or ATMs in Ilha do Mel?


      No, but most places accept credit and debit cards at Ilha do Mel.




14) Can I come with a car or motorcycle in Ilha do Mel?


       No, Ilha do Mel is an environmental reserve area, vehicles are not allowed.




15) Is there medical care in Ilha do Mel?


       Yes, there are two health centers, one in Encantadas and another in Nova Brasilia.

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