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Cancellation Policy and Rates

-- A budget has value valid for 24hrs, according to availability.

- Confirmation of reservation after payment of 50% of the package and the other 50% during check-in.


- Please respect the combined deadlines, payment locations and notify as soon as you make the deposit.

- Failure to pay or to notify will result in the automatic cancellation of the reservation.

- No refunds are already paid.

- The amounts can be converted into credits to be used in future lodging in a period of up to 6 months, provided that the cancellation is made at least 1 (one) week in advance in case of periods of high or low season, or 30 days notice in case of New Year's Eve, Carnival and Holidays packages.

** For reservations made by third party websites verify the policy according to the purchase, EX:

Booking, Takeaway, Trivago ... etc, each has its sale and cancellation policy disclosed in its booking system.

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